Furniture: must be clean and usable. Book cases, dining settings, beds, desks, tables, chairs, filing cabinets, mirrors, pictures, lounge suites and the list goes on.

Building materials: separate on your load so they are accessible – put your recyclable items on top, this can save you time at our drop off area. Timber, roofing iron, windows, bricks, tiles, doors, bathroom and kitchen fittings etc.

Garden equipment:  plants, all types of pots, garden settings, garden machinery, trailers, gates, fencing, pet kennels & cages etc

Household items: all whitegoods, kitchen appliances,  fans, kitchen ware.

Sporting & Exercise equipment.

Plumbing items: sinks, vanities, showers, spa baths, taps & pipe, laundry items.


All metals: white goods, roofing, machinery, car parts, colorbond, household appliances, iron beds, steel fencing, pipes, electrical wiring etc.

Cardboard:  All cardboard must be flattened and any plastic etc removed before flattening.
As of 1st July 2021 a fee of $10 a trailer / ute (or the equivalent) load will be implemented.
Household quantities  will remain free.

Computers – laptops – printers – televisions: 

Electrical items: power tools, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, stoves and wood burners etc

Oils: cooking oils, sump oil, mineral oil. (up to 20 litre containers)

Refrigeration units: Fridges, freezes, air conditioners.
– As of 1st July 2023 there will be no charge for these items.

Mattresses:  $40 each – any size

Gas Cylinders: ($15 fee for each item to be safely prepared for recycling)

Car Gas Tanks: $25 each Oil:  $1 per litre

Polystyrene: $15 per cubic metre.   (As of 1st January 2022, this charge is due to the cost of processing. All Polystyrene must be clean of any sticky tape / labelling and not contain any food scraps / papers / plastics.
Household quantities  will remain free.

Paintback – follow link to go the Paintback Website
* Paint – Domestic customers only

Also accepted as part of the Detox your Home program are:
* Fluorescent tubes / light globes –Domestic customers only
* Batteries – household and car batteries –Domestic customers only
These items are accepted at no change any time of the year.

Commercial customers are advised to contact Sustainability Victoria in relation to their products.

Chemicals are not accepted during the year. The Detox Your Home Day where household chemicals are accepted is an annual event held by Sustainability Victoria, this usually takes place in October, due to the increase in demand this event is no longer held at this site.
To find out when and where this event will take place go to: