In 2007 “A Guide to Starting a Recycling Venture in your Community” was published with the aim of encouraging communities throughout Australia to establish similar enterprises to one operating in Eaglehawk, Victoria.

While there are over 70 sites around Australia operating community recycling/re-use enterprises there are still thousands of Australian jobseekers looking for work.
The 2007 Guide is still as relevant today as it was in 2007, however, much has been learnt over the past 6 years. CRN Australia was formed in 2010 and acts as a network to encourage, foster and inspire community recycling enterprises. Click here or on the cover of the guide to download.

When establishing an enterprise the process is as important as the outcome. It is a learning journey for all involved. It is not easy starting a new enterprise, particularly one that is going to be sustainable for many years to come and with a group of people who have little experience in operating a business. In fact most start-up small businesses fail but if you start small, involve everyone in making decisions and are willing to learn from others, you will give yourselves the best chance of success.

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